The aim of is to help citizens and businesses improve their cyber-protection. Our Tools page already proposes a large range of protection initiatives. But in case of persistent problems, our experts are also at your service.

Private user

Helpline BeeSecure : 8002 1234 (Lu-Ve: 9.00-17.00).

Privacy problems? Notify the CNPD using the following forms:

A problem with your telecom provider? Contact the ILR.


Helpline CASES:

ICT Community

You had a security incident within your company? Report it to CIRCL:



Check the FAQs before giving us a call, you will probably find an answer to your question(s).

My PC is infected and I am looking for support
If you have a strong suspicion that your machine is infected and you are looking for support to re-install the system, you can check the PC-doctor list to find an SME that will support you.
I have a security incident in my company
If you have a security incident in your company, you can report it to CIRCL.
I found illegal content on the Internet, what should I do?
The BEE SECURE Stopline project aims to provide a structure enabling illegal Internet content to be reported anonymously and to deal with these reports in collaboration with the relevant national and international authorities.
Where can I find more documentation about security?
You can find additional information about specific topics like account hijacking and stolen mobile devices in The Digital First Aid Kit. You can find additional information on the BEE SECURE website, CASES or SECURITYMADEIN.LU.
I have a different information security incident, which does not match any of the above categories. Whom can I contact?
You can report it to CIRCL.
I received a malicious or suspicious link
Phishing links can be tested without risks and reported via the CIRCL urlabuse interface.