C3 : Cybersecurity in 3D

Digital transformation and the 3rd industrial revolution are on everyone’s lips. The promises of new opportunities are numerous. Information technology is spreading across all dimensions of a company, its products and services, and its relationship with its environment.

This raises new cybersecurity issues. Risks are multiplying at the same time as public concerns about personal data, with a risk of a real frontal shock. Not to mention the new regulatory constraints which constantly raise the level of data protection requirements.

Cybersecurity is no longer just an option. In the very near future, it must be included in the design of a new product.

SECURITYMADEIN.LU has been working for several years to raise awareness among stakeholders and to prevent risks, while intervening with companies in the event of an incident. Advisor, auditor, trainer and emergency support – the hats we wear are multiple and the results have been positive.

Today, SECURITYMADEIN.LU takes an additional step by founding C3 – Cybersecurity Competence Center.  C3’s pillars are:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Training
  3. Testing

The 1st pillar aims to intensify the collection of data and strategic threat information to help businesses and organizations protect themselves. In the near future, the MISP platform (Malware Information Sharing Platform) and the MONARC risk management tool will be interfaced in a way that reinforces user protection in real time.

The 2nd pillar aims to provide a broader catalog of cybersecurity training designed to meet more diverse needs. It could use the resources of the 3rd pillar to improve the training in a more concrete and realistic way.

The 3rd pillar consists of offering a real-world testing environment for prototypes of new products. The aim is to set up a flight simulator for the “cyberpilots” of digital innovation; specifically, to facilitate the adoption of “Security by design” in new applications. Start-ups will benefit from an advantageous access to this infrastructure, in order to be able to test their new products.

C3 brings together the three dimensions of Cybersecurity; three dimensions that will give more depth and visibility to existing initiatives while bringing new tools that the economy of the Grand-Duchy needs.

Cybersecurity has become a factor of economic attractiveness and, more and more, a commercial argument. On the other hand, the professionalism of cybercriminals grows rapidly.  Therefore, an intense and effective collaboration of all economic actors has become indispensable. C3 provides the ideal framework for developing this ecosystem.

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