CeBIT: Luxembourg unveils its strengths

CeBIT, the annual highlight of the digital industry, opened its doors in Hanover. SECURITYMADEIN.LU could not miss this rendezvous to let the Luxembourgish colors shine. Pascal Steichen made a noteworthy speech on the theme “Cybersecurity, Europe first” explaining the challenges of the new digital era that is opening up to us. The explosion of the number of data that we produce and send on different digital platforms forms the basis of a new paradigm, the “dataism”. These increasingly rich data can constitute a new form of intelligence if properly contextualized and processed by an army of small connected objects that have invaded our lives … for better or for worse.

Will the marriage between man and machine make the first smarter than his phone? Bets are open, but storms are already on the horizon, with increasingly precise threats to our digital security and privacy. Connected objects become an easy prey to use for large-scale DDoS attacks. And the personal data that we send to the stratosphere of the cloud could fall back violently on our heads if the technical and legal umbrellas are not reinforced.

To avoid this, Pascal Steichen proposes a simple solution: “Let us be the change, to avoid the suffering”. In this perspective, if confidence becomes a new universal currency, Europe already has a head start in terms of protecting personal data. And the cybersecurity market is extremely promising, with annual growth of 15% and the thousands of jobs that will be created. Already more than 100 in Luxembourg alone, in 2016!

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