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CERT.LU has the objective is to create a community gathering all the major actors and their expertise under a unique label and platform. It is not only important for the local market but also when representing Luxembourg abroad. Members of CERT.LU will in its operations act in such a way that it sets an example
(+352) 274 00 98 601
Excellium CSIRT is Excellium’s commercial CERT, providing services and response services to organisations mainly based out of Luxembourg and Belgium. CERT-XLM provides its services to the region of Belgium and Luxembourg, with emphasis on service providers, finance and insurance organisations.
+352 26 20 39 64
CIRCL is the CERT for the private sector, communes and non-governmental entities in Luxembourg. CIRCL provides a reliable and trusted point of contact for any users, companies and organizations based in Luxembourg, for the handling of attacks and incidents. Its team of experts acts like a fire brigade, with the ability to react promptly and efficiently whenever threats are suspected, detected or incidents occur.
(352) 247 88 444
DBG-CERT stands for “Clearstream – Deutsche Boerse CERT”. The constituency includes all systems hosted and owned by Deutsche Boerse Group.
+352 2433 3555
POST Luxembourg was founded in 1842 as a public service and has been a wholly state-owned company since 1992 (named « Entreprise des Postes et Télécommunications »). It is the country’s largest provider of postal and telecommunications services and also offers financial and philatelic services. The eBRC/POST SOC team constituency is the information systems operated
GOVCERT.LU œuvre à la fois aux niveaux national et international à la protection du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg contre les principales cybermenaces et ce, afin de créer, pour les entreprises luxembourgeoises, un environnement convivial, sûr et fiable et de protéger la vie privée et les droits fondamentaux des citoyens luxembourgeois.
+352 24781 837
HealthNet is a telematics platform dedicated to the health sector, which aims to provide health professionals and institutions in the sector: infrastructure allowing them to communicate securely, electronic basic services like email exchanges and internet access, specialized applications for the exchange of results of medical tests, the double reading and program coordination mammography and the
+352 27 12 50 18 1
Based on its proven X-Force expertise, IBM, leader in security systems, consulting and managed services, provides customers with the best protection against cyber criminality. Sogeti/Capgemini and their Cybersecurity experts, all around the world protect the digital enterprise against Cyber Attacks and internal malicious behavior. Transforming your business to make the most of new ways of
+352 360 385 1 CERT is able to take charge of the complete management of an incident or to provide the technical support for the team already in charge of an incident. CERT provides incident response to all kinds of organisations. is a brand of itrust consulting – acronym for “Information Techniques and Research for Ubiquitous Security
+352 26 176 212
Le mandat de CERT National revient au CERT Gouvernemental. Le CERT National opère comme point de contact officiel national pour les CERTs nationaux et gouvernementaux étrangers. Il est le point de contact officiel national pour la collecte et la distribution d’informations relatives aux incidents de sécurité qui concernent les systèmes d’information et de communication implantés