University of Liège

Faculty of Applied Science

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Allée de la Découverte, 12 B-4000 Liège Belgium



The University of Liège is partner of the University of the Greater Region - Uni-GR.

The ULg’s Faculty of Applied Science offers engineering programs which give students both a solid general background and the opportunity to specialize as their studies progress. Multidisciplinarity is also actively encouraged.

Over the course of their studies, students will be asked to choose from among a series of  options such as aerospace science, geology, biomedical sciences, material resistance, electronics, physics or computer science.

Computer Science - Computer science can be studied for its own or in the framework of the master program in computer science in engineering.  Students following both tracks acquire similar skills in computer science but engineers develop a wider scientific background in the different fields of engineering, especially in the related domain of electronics.

Data Science - A high-quality data scientist must have a solid background in mathematics, statistics and computing, which will serve as a foundation for the development of an expertise in machine learning and, more generally, in artificial intelligence. This stronger theoretical background will allow him to understand the scope of the existing “big data” solutions, to be able to evolve them and also to follow the very rapid evolution of the sector throughout his career.