#1 Lëtz Cybersecurity Challenge Meetup

We invite all the participants and wannabe players to join us for the first meetup of the Lëtz Cybersecurity Challenge! This event will be an opportunity for all to discuss and discover new information about the competition as well as to develop cyber security skills through workshops.

The event will take place at the same location as the Game of Code to create a bridge between current and future technology experts.

10:00 Welcome

10:30 Morning Workshops (in parallel):

- Partner Workshop by Excellium

- TechRookie session #1

12:00 VestaTech Poster Vernissage

12:30 Lunch (FoodTrucks)

13:30 Afternoon workshops (in parallel):

- Partner Workshop (to be confirmed)

- TechRookie session #2

15:00 End of Meet-Up

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