CLUSIL - Working group on Business Continuity Management

The working group dedicated to Business Continuity Management (BCMS) is addressed to all BCM managers and people interested in BCM in general.

The goal of the working group could be among others to                  ·   Discuss together our general understanding of BCM, mainly of the ISO norms 22301 and 22313                 ·   Exchange experiences and lessons learned                 ·   How to write Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP)                 ·   How to organise DRP and BCP tests                 ·   How to carry out a Business Impact Analysis

During the last session, the following was decided:

·  Address questions on BIA

·  Create a fictive company, to exercise the creation of DRPs/BCPs, BIA realization (final extend of scope to be defined during the next session)

Registration: before Tuesday 11 September 2018 noon

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