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Sep 27 Thu

IT Days "The technology agenda: from hype to reality"

Sep 27 @ 00:00 - Sep 27 @ 00:00

IT Days

This event will discuss the current technology trends that will change the strategic roadmap of companies at a short and mid-term, as well as how to concretely adopt relevant solutions to face this challenge. Topics will include:

• Artificial Intelligence: growing reality & design principles • Identifying the current state of advanced technologies • Using the new upcoming technologies, deliver at scale… and fast • Innovation and agility with PACE methodology, bringing relevant solutions to the market faster

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Sep 25 Tue

Marketing in the GDPR world: Same Same...but different

Sep 25 @ 19:00 - Sep 25 @ 20:00

Marketing in the GDPR world: Same Same...but different

GDPR has hit, and since May 25, has had a remarkable impact not only on IT, HR and legal data handling, but also the way MarCom works in an ever-more sensitive environment to ePrivacy.

Marketers, like yourself, are asking: How has marketing changed now that GDPR is here?
How should I handle data in line with GDPR while keeping and building my audience?
Am I done with GDPR or is there more to do? How are others dealing with these new challenges?

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