Cybersecurity Breakfast - Webinar edition

CSB#36 - Telecom security: the foundations of digital economy

Telecom operators are threatened by an unprecedented level of attacks, growing both in frequency and complexity.

Their threat level has not decreased with the COVID-19 crisis and, as the backbone of the digital economy, they deal with increasing requests from the media, customers, as well as regulators to improve their overall security standards.

How can we keep this critical infrastructure safe and strong?


8:45 Virtual room opening

9:00 Keynote: Mohamed Ourdane - Head of Cyberforce Department, POST: the challenge of cybersecurity in the Telecom industry.

9:15: Round table discussion

  • Pierre Zimmer, Deputy General Director POST
  • Alexandre De Oliveira, Telecom Security Expert, POST
  • Guillaume Lavernhe, Fraud Management and Security, BICS
  • Sheila Becker, Head of NISS, ILR
  • Lars Weber, Head of Information Security, BCEE

moderated by Pascal Steichen, CEO, SECURITYMADEIN.LU

10:15: Q&A