CSB#38 - TIBER-EU, Threat Intelligence-based Ethical Red Teaming in Financial Institutions

Sponsored by Sec Consult.

In this 38th edition of the Cybersecurity Breakfast, that we are co-organizing with Sec Consult, we will discuss the topic of Threat Intelligence-based Ethical Red Teaming.

What is TIBER-EU? What are the target group and the goals of a TIBER-test? Why performing a TIBER-test and what are the framework conditions for its procurement and execution? How can we implement TIBER in financial institutions?


8:45 Virtual room opening

9:00 Keynote: Daniel Bou-Fadel, Senior Account Manager - SEC Consult

Daniel Bou-Fadel has been working in the Security branch for more than 12 years. As a former organizer of Security Conferences and being in the Public IT-Security sector for 6 years, he has now been working as a Senior Manager at SEC Consult for 4 years. Through his experience, he acquired deep insight into technical and independent security assessments in the financial sector, using different methodologies. He is therefore involved in the first TIBER-test projects in Germany.

9:20: Round table discussion

  • Mr Daniel Bou-Fadel, Senior Account Manager - SEC Consult
  • Mr Mirco. I. Richardson, IoT Security Expert, UBirch GmbH
  • Mr Frank Tassone, Managing Director, Alvission GmbH
  • Mr Simon Riffault, Infrastructure and Oversight department, BCL

10:15: Q&A