sponsored and hosted by Deloitte.


Cybersecurity Breakfast #27 - Cyber Security Technology - adoption, usage and opportunities

sponsored and hosted by Deloitte.


8:30 Registration opens

9:00 Keynote - Presentation of the results of the Cyber Security Technology adoption survey in Luxembourg by Maxime Verac, Senior Manager, Risk Advisory - Deloitte Tax & Consulting

9:30 Lightning talks: “Leveraging open source tools to increase your security posture”:

  • Raphael Vinot (CIRCL)
  • Miguel Scaillet (CONOSTIX)
  • Perttu Laurila (RCDevs)

9:45 Open discussion about the usage of cybersecurity technologies:

  • Steve Muller (Ministry of the Economy)
  • Misch Sadler (BCEE)
  • Barbara Terra (Hacknowledge)
  • Maxime Verac (Deloitte)

moderated by Pascal Steichen (SECURITYMADEIN.LU)

10:30 Conclusions and coffee