Cybersecurity Breakfast #28

Sponsored by OpenField

Cybersecurity Breakfast

Cybersecurity breakfast #28 - Data privacy in social networks: Mission Impossible?

Sponsored by OpenField


8:30 Registration opens

9:00 Keynote (English/ Anglais)

“Improving data control in social networks” by Nefeli Roupakia Legal Counsel OpenField SA

9:30 Roundtable/ Table ronde (French/Français)

  • Nefeli Roupakia, Legal Counsel chez OpenField SA
  • Sylvain Arts, Development and Strategy Director chez INCERT GIE
  • Miguel Martins, Data Protection Officer chez Talkwalker
  • Émilie Le Guernic, Digital & Marketing Specialist chez AXA Luxembourg

10:00 Conclusions and coffee