Cybersecurity Breakfast

Cybersecurity Breakfast #29 - How to secure mobile communication in sensitive environments?

Securing communications while enabling organizational efficiency and business continuity in an era of cybercrime, technological and geopolitical threats


8:30 Registration opens

9:00 Keynote

Mr. Per Bankvall, Product Manager, Sectra. Topic: “Securing Mobility while Ensuring Productivity – Challenges and Opportunities in Secure Mobile Communication”

9:20: Roundtable

“Securing communications while enabling organizational efficiency and business continuity in an era of cybercrime, technological and geopolitical threats”

with the participation of

  • Per Bankvall, Product Manager - Sectra;
  • Alexandre De Oliveira, Telecom Security Researcher - POST Luxembourg;
  • Carsten Reinhard, Senior Enterprise Architect - CTIE;
  • Jean-Louis Huynen, Security Researcher - CIRCL;
  • Krystina Gray, Independant Information Security Consultant;

    moderated by Bertrand Lathoud, Manager of the Cybersecurity Competence Center Luxembourg

10:00 Conclusions and coffee

Information about the topic that will be addressed:

Given today’s cyber threat landscape with recurring intrusion and eavesdropping towards enterprises and governments, accessing and sharing sensitive information regardless of location and without compromising information is of critical importance. Risk drivers are related to ICT developments and the digitization of our society but also the growth of cybercrime, political instability and future technologies such as quantum computing. These factors create a greater need for collaboration on national and international levels as well as demands on secure information management. Cooperation between military and civil defence, industry and the critical infrastructure providing vital societal services is central in order to maintain a stable and secure society.

Commercial secrets or sensitive information pertaining to, for example, the financial sector, healthcare or defense industry can cause damage both to your business and to society if leaked. Your mobility fleet needs to support you in doing your job while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of information.

How then to secure such cooperation and information exchange when threats are evolving continuously and users demand infinite mobility?

With 40 years of experience in secure communications and continuous cooperation with European governments, private enterprises, EU and NATO agencies, Sectra, the co-arranging Partner of this Cyber Security Breakfast, is well positioned to take on current and future challenges in cybersecurity and is together with SECURITYMADE.LU pleased to invite you for discussing these issues.

Information about SECTRA:

Sectra provides encrypted communication systems with interoperable solutions for mobile and fixed telephony enabling secure calls, encrypted text messages and transfer of data on different security classification levels (up to and including SECRET). Sectra has framework contracts for secure communication with the European External Action Service, Council of the EU and NATO, and a product range enabling a Secure Mobile Workplace (including e.g. smartphones, tablets and mobile VPN). Furthermore, Sectra offers security and risk management services to energy companies and other actors within critical infrastructure (providing security assessments, threat analysis, monitoring and incident reporting). The company is headquartered in Sweden and has offices in 15 countries.