Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Organisation

Cybersecurity awareness workshop for corporate leaders

If you are an executive or board member of a company operating in today’s digital ecosystem, this half-day event is for you. At the executive workshop being hosted by global cyber investment firm, Paladin Capital Group, we will discuss pressing cyber threats and help you identify workable solutions to address these growing challenges.

You will hear from some of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts, both from Paladin Capital and the local business community.

Mary Aiken, world-renowned lecturer, PhD in cyberpsychology and Paladin Capital strategic advisor, will address the human and behavioral elements of cybersecurity. Mary works with global agencies such as INTERPOL, the FBI and the White House and was inducted into the Infosecurity Hall of Fame in 2017.

International data privacy expert, Caroline Oldstedt Carlström, will discuss the importance of having a robust and continuously improving compliance and cyber infrastructure in place. Caroline is Head of the Data Privacy & Information Security Practice at Cirio law firm, Chairman of the Swedish Data Protection Forum and a Board member of Paladin Capital portfolio company, DPOrganizer.

Dick Schaeffer, Chairman of Paladin Capital’s Strategic Advisory Group, will chair the event and speak about the growing global cyber security threats facing virtually all organisations and the questions executives should be asking to address them. Dick is a former senior executive with the National Security Agency (NSA), with over 40 years of US government experience, including 15 years as a member of the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service.

Maria-Dolores Perez, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at KBL Group and Luxembourg’s CISO of the Year in 2017, will advise on the roles and responsibilities of the IT and cybersecurity professionals within your organisation.

Ryan Dodd, founder and CEO of Paladin Capital portfolio company, CyberHedge, will give some real-world examples of organisations using technology to deal with complex decisions and managing cyber risk.

Partner Advisory EMEIA at EY Luxembourg, Head of IT Risk Assurance, GDPR Services, Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics Services, Michael Hofmann, will address cyber security assessments and their importance for organisations.

For further information, contact Emma Thorpe on +44 (0)790 997 4958 or email.

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