Luxembourg Analytics Summit 2018 - Artificial Intelligence: Separating the hype from reality

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and expectations of what AI can do run “sky-high”. But does reality live up to those expectations? It’s exactly that question we want to address during this year’s edition of the Luxembourg Analytics Summit.


On June 5th 2018, you will learn:
How AI will impact different industries
How to regulate innovation in a society run by algorithms
How to separate reality from the Artificial Intelligence hype
How other organizations are starting to adopt AI in their business


13:45-14:00 Welcome and introduction 
by Marc Aguilar, CDO at BGL BNP Paribas & Rein Bryssinck, Sales Director at SAS
14:00-14:30 Artificial Intelligence: Separating the hype from reality Despite many investments, both in innovative and legacy AI environments, most AI projects outside of the high-tech industry are stuck in the prototype phase and seldom deliver the expected business value. The primary challenge is to operationalize AI applications, embedding them into enterprise business processes. This presentation is about how the SAS Platform can be used to develop managed, governed AI applications using AI technology. We will show how SAS supports the industrialization of AI applications within the enterprise and how SAS can participate in the new innovative ecosystems. 
by Michel Philippens, Head of Customer Solutions at SAS
14:30-15:00 AI in the financial sector: What might the prudential issues for a regulator be?
 by David Hagen, Head of IT supervision & Supervision of Support PFS at CSSF
**15:00-15:30 The rise of AI: Preparing for the change​

As AI become increasingly prevalent, we map the change unleashed by the implementation of AI: applications, dimensions of change, the future of jobs, and risks.**

by Professor Benny Mantin, Université du Luxembourg
16:00-16:30 Will your next CMO be an algorithm? Are the marketing tasks going to be realized by algorithms? Will marketing jobs be made by robots? What will our added value be as marketers? Marketing Automation, programmatic advertising, artificial intelligence …, The Marketing changes of era. Marketers must quickly and deeply review their roles, missions and skills in a changing environment…
by Albert Derasse, Managing Director & Partner at Inbox
16:30-17:00 75 use cases of Artificial Intelligence There are Artificial Intelligence use cases in every industry and in every department. Two major strategies for finding use cases are important: the first is looking for problems and try to map them to mathematical statements that can then be translated to Artificial Intelligence. The second strategy is taking use cases that are known to produce ROI and see if they apply to your company. An evaluation and prioritization framework is presented as well to help you figure out what to do first. 
by Jos Polfliet, Head of Machine Learning at Faction XYZ
17:00-17:30 Democratization of AI technologies 
by Denis Batalov, Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services
17:30-19:00 Networking drink with AI experts