PwC Cybersecurity Day

Oct 19 @ 10:33 all-day
PwC Luxembourg
2, rue Gerhard Mercator L-2182 Luxembourg


PwC organises the second edition of the cybersecurity forum in Luxembourg, with the aim of:

  • Fostering strategic partnerships between private and public actors to understand global cybersecurity issues;
  • Bringing together international IT specialists and experts to discuss the operational and organisational issues facing organisations, as well as share best practices and feedback;
  • Promoting and accelerating innovation in the field of cybersecurity by building bridges between technological companies and their innovative solutions and investors; we set up an international competition bringing together on stage the ten best prepared companies to tackle cybersecurity challenges on the European and global market;
  • Fully signing up – PwC Luxembourg is a founding member – in the Cybersecurity Week organised in Luxembourg, which aims to position the Grand Duchy as a European cybersecurity hub.

An international competition to accelerate innovative solutions

During the PwC Cybersecurity Day, 10 fast-growing cybersecurity technology companies will compete in front of over 200 executives representing large companies or institutions from Luxembourg and abroad.


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