Supply chain cybersecurity roundtable

Is your supply chain resilient against cyber attacks?

For many years, resilience against cyber attacks only concerned companies who operate critical infrastructure.

The recent ransomware attack that shut down Norsk Hydro’s aluminum production shows that today every supply chain is vulnerable. Even worse, since supply chains rely on trust, companies that have been compromised pose a risk to their own suppliers and customers. When adversaries seek to wreak havoc, companies need to stay ahead.

Failure to do so can be devastating: employees locked out of their systems, suppliers sending forged invoices, customers leaking negotiation data.

This roundtable will bring together professionals and specialists who work at the interface of supply chain management and IT security.

Questions and issues addressed at this roundtable include:

  • What are best practices in supply chain cyber security?
  • How do companies prepare if customers or suppliers have been compromised?
  • How can companies make their supply chain more resilient against cyber outages?

The Digital Supply Chain Roundtable Series provides a place where our supply chain community can regularly come together to hear about new discoveries, techniques and ideas.

The roundtables encourage discussion and interaction between supply chain professionals and University of Luxembourg faculty. They address issues and topics relevant to the industry and leading professionals. They also expose supply chain professionals to industry research conducted at the University and elsewhere. The key aim of the series is to allow its participants to collaborate, sharing business ideas and skill sets to strengthen their businesses together.

The roundtables are of particular interest to the senior professionals in the logistics and supply chain community.

Our colleague, Jean-Louis Huynen of the Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL) will talk about best practices and recommendations in the supply chain.

Limited number of participants.

Please contact Jackie Brown for registration.