C3 is Taking Part in the EU CyberNet Initiative

At times of acceleration of digitization, which involves more and more countries in the world, the EU Commission decided to launch EU CyberNet aimed at supporting its aid to development initiatives through promoting cybersecurity capacity building in third countries.

The Cybersecurity Competence Center Luxembourg (C3) of Luxembourg contributed to the project by participating in the consortium led by the Estonian Information Systems Authority (RIA). Once it won the tender competition initiated by the EU Commission, C3 remained involved as a member of the Advisory Board of the project, along with the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

C3 is active on several aspects, supporting the RIA in its endeavour to build the platform that will allow Experts from the whole EU to actively support cybersecurity capacity building in third parties.

By doing so, the C3 fulfils its mission to foster the development of cybersecurity competence and the maturation of the ecosystem in this domain.