Cybersecurity Week: The Resilience Edition

The 4th edition of the Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg took place in particular circumstances.

The COVID crisis has disturbed everyone’s plans, and it was not easy to organize events with low visibility in the future. Despite the health restrictions, the campaign was made of 28 sponsors which have organised about 30 events addressing a wide range of topics. Resilience was an important keyword all week long, and it became a reality. Virtual meetings have launched real discussions. New ideas and projects were born. And the challenge turned into an opportunity to strengthen and expand the national ecosystem: Cybersecurity Luxembourg!

“I am pleased to endorse the mapping 2020 of the national cybersecurity ecosystem. It is another proof of the success of continuous cooperation taking place at the level of our partners in education and research, the public & private partnerships, the authorities and regulators, and of our local companies & start-ups”, declared Mr. Franz Fayot, Minister of the Economy of Luxembourg who announced the new edition of the Luxembourg Cybersecurity Ecosystem Mapping, a collaborative work made by Luxinnovation GIE and SECURITYMADEIN.LU to boost the national economy and promote cybersecurity.

You can find the highlights of this extraordinary week on the Cybersecurity Week website, and watch the videos of the Ceremony here:

The Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg 2020 figures show that this meeting remains important for all the actors of the ecosystem.

  • 2nd year of Cybersecurity Luxembourg
  • 10 days of events
  • 20 years of cybersecurity in Luxembourg
  • 27 webinars and online events
  • 28 sponsors

And more than ever, the best talents have been rewarded during the virtual Ceremony with the announcement of the 5 new laureates: the CISO of the Year is Stéphane Bianchin, the DPO of the Year is Eric Bedell, the Best Paper at is Didier Stevens, the Most Promising Young Talents is the Lëtz Cybersecurity Team, and the Best Cybersecurity Solution by PwC Luxembourg is T.A.K. Client by Build38.