MISP Project gains wider recognition from the European Union

The MISP Project has been highlighted in the last publication on the supported actions of the Connecting Europe Facility Telecom, CEF TELECOM, for its role in improving and supporting information sharing and exchange to secure digital infrastructure.

The CEF Telecom represents a key element of the EU Digital Single Market strategy by supporting the development of high performing, sustainable and efficiently interconnected trans-European networks. This funding instrument is under the supervision of the INEA - Innovation and Networks Executive Agency.

MISP Project is an open source project with the goal to make viable tools and format to improve information sharing at large. In order to achieve these goals, the MISP project gathers feature requests, feedback and bug reports from different sources (MISP User-Groups, Github / Gitter, events, and features). The features in the MISP project are built from practical use-cases in information security, intelligence communities, incident response teams, and fraud analysis groups.

MISP is a community-driven project led by various communities of users. One of the most active is operated by CIRCL, that is also the main financial and resource supporter of the project. It is a fairly large MISP community (more than 800 organizations are members) mainly targeting private organizations, companies, financial organizations or IT security companies.

There is nothing as easy as joining the MISP Project!

It addressed all types of organizations all around the world and any individuals can be part of its construction by joining its Github or Gitter accounts.

To join the MISP Project, you just have to send a mail at the following address:

For more information, do not hesitate to visit the website:

To read the full publication of the INEA:

It is also possible to be part the CIRCL led users-group: