Internet of Things (IoT) a national campaign is launched


Connected objects are everywhere. Sometimes invisible, but always listening. They do us a service on the condition of controlling them and not giving them (too much) power.

Connected objects (IoT, Internet of Things) have gradually invaded our daily life. Satellites from our smartphones or directly connected to the Internet, they form a new digital galaxy. And the size of this galaxy continues to grow: it is estimated that by 2025, no less than 150 billion connected objects will populate the world.

This new reality gives rise to new risks. The ever-increasing number of interconnections between these objects are potential security holes, and the large amounts of data processed and stored in the cloud have become a target for criminals.

Faced with this reality, SECURITYMADEIN.LU launched a large awareness campaign in collaboration with ANSI and SIGI. A website, videos, posters, and a flyer have been produced to bring the message to the general public. As Christmas approaches, connected objects have a good chance of ending up under the tree… For better or for worse? By choosing them carefully, and by applying some precautions, it is possible to limit the risks. But vigilance is called for when objects and applications accumulate around us, multiplying vulnerabilities and dangers. Keeping an eye out to avoid being spied on is actually quite logical. The technological dimension can make things more complicated. It is precisely to clarify them that this campaign was launched.

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