The ROOM#42 launches a crash test for personal data

To help businesses and organizations to react properly, the ROOM#42 launches a new incident scenario that includes a leak of personal data.

What happens in case of data leak in your business? Have you planned a crisis procedure? Do you know how to detect the problem? How to evaluate its magnitude? How to communicate with your customers? With the Press, with the shareholders? Knowing that you will have to react very fast…

The GDPR has been in force in the European Union for less than a year. And some are still wondering about the proper way to comply.

ROOM#42 is the first simulator putting participants in complete immersion in a cyber incident situation. The goal is for them to test their reactions and procedures. The aim is of course to correct technical, organizational or human flaws through a “life-size” test. At the end of this adrenaline session, a precise and complete debriefing is lavished by the experts of C3*.

The advantage of ROOM#42 over a traditional compliance test is that it takes into account the human factor in all its complexity. Turning the weak link into a strong link is the mission of ROOM#42.

More information on ROOM#42:

  • C3 is the Cybersecurity Competence Center of Security Made In Lëtzebuerg GIE (SECURITYMADEIN.LU), the cybersecurity agency of the Ministry of Economy.


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