“How to effectively transform Cybersecurity Research into Innovation?” - watch the replay


Cybersecurity Breakfast #47 was a SPARTA special edition.

Dr Mart Noorma, Science and Development Director at Milrem Robotics, Professor of Space and Defense Technology at University of Tartu (Estonia), gave a keynote on “Lessons learned from a highly innovative company, working for years with both academy and industry researchers to build unmanned ground systems”.

His keynote speech was followed by the following presentations:

  • Jacques Klein, Chief Scientist II in Software Engineering and Mobile Security, University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg): “How realistic is it for researchers to access real world data for academic research, and then open innovation purposes?

  • Fran├žois Thill, Director Cybersecurity and Digital Technologies at the Ministry of the Economy (Luxembourg): “A MECO initiative to foster data sharing and usage between ecosystem partners for creating innovative cybersecurity services : the cybersecurity dataspace

  • Florent Kirchner, SPARTA Strategic Director (France): “SPARTA lessons on cross-border and cross-verticals cooperation between researchers in cybersecurity - The quest for bootstrapping an autonomous EU industry

  • Fabio Martinelli, SPARTA Partnerships Director (Italy): “Rules and principles for building a successful community around partnerships in cybersecurity research and innovation - The SPARTA Experiment

Innovation was further discussed in a round table talk moderated by Pascal Steichen, CEO SECURITYMADEIN.LU, and joined by Sheila Becker, Head of Network & Information Systems’ Security at ILR, who talked about the Women for Cyber initiative.

Watch the replay here