L-DIH Talks - Cybersecurity in OT vs IT, same challenges?

with Fabien Mathey, CASES


For decades’ production systems, referred to as Operational Technology (OT), had basically no connection to the outside world or to the Information Technology (IT) of a company and were therefore not targeted by hackers. This has undergone an irrevocable change since systems became deeply integrated and interconnected. Along with this convergence of OT and IT, systems become more and more exposed to vulnerabilities and maintaining control of production environments to ensure their safe operation at all times is at risk and the primary objective of OT cybersecurity. We learn how industrial companies have addressed this challenge.

Topics addressed:

  • Specific OT Requirements
  • Best-practises for OT Cybersecurity
  • Architectures, methods and solutions
  • Security Operation Center


  • Fabien Mathey, Head of Cyberworld Awareness & Security Enhancement Services Department – SECURITYMADEIN.LU
  • Frédéric Lens, Founder & CEO – F3C Systems
  • Timo Denis, Global IT Security Officer – IEE S.A
  • Sneak Preview: Amir Gil, Chief Revenue Officer - SIGA OT Solutions

Watch the episode here.