MISP Summit 0x06

The replay is available


On Thursday 21st October 2021, the 6th MISP summit took place online and gathered a huge attendance with an agenda full of interesting presentations.

MISP Project is the leading Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform and in combination with an open standard for threat intelligence. The summit is an opportunity for all developers, contributors and users of the MISP project to share their experiences, learn new use-cases and improve their threat intelligence capabilities.

The objective of the summit was to openly discuss about the current usage of MISP, the future developments and the integration with the overall security ecosystems.

If you missed it or want to watch some of the presentations again, the replay is available here.

00:43:00 - MISP Summit Introduction and Agenda Presentation - Alexandre Dulaunoy (CIRCL)

00:48:20 - MISP - What happened the past year? and what’s next - Andras Iklody (CIRCL)

01:19:07 - Cerebrate v1.0 - the open source orchestrator for security tools - Andras Iklody (CIRCL)