Pascal Steichen at GOVSATCOM 2022

Cyber threats and space security


Pascal Steichen, CEO SECURITYMADEIN.LU and Chair of the Governing Board of the European Cybersecurity Competence Center joined a panel discussion on cyber threats and space security at the GOVSATCOM 2022 conference, with Pascal Rogiest, Chief Strategy Officer, RHEA Group, Ralph Thiele, Managing Director, StratByrd Consulting and Nik Smith, Regional Director UK & Europe. Lockheed Martin Space.

Cyber incidents have accelerated by COVID. Around 1,000 recorded incidents in Lux each year and is slowly growing. Software is where we see the biggest number of incidents because software is developed by humans. We need to work together across domains across those three areas– space defence and cyber– for our national security elements. On the operations side, the fact to be able to share information and data to make sure that all the involved parties get the information to ensure their operations are secure, safe and sound. CTI cyber threat intelligence is a whole new sector that’s developing. There is a huge need to get this out to other sectors. There are so many niche players, it will be a challenge to make frameworks and platforms to enable this sharing of information with the operational sensitivity that it needs”, Pascal Steichen.

Watch the replay here.