ROOM #42 Experience

ROOM #42 Experience

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    3 hours

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    cyberattack ; competence ; simulator

About the training

The ROOM#42 simulator is one of C3’s key training infrastructures and a unique concept in Europe. Its specific immersion training approach brings up to 8 trainees in a one-hour realistic cyberattack simulation, offering deep and comprehensive learning based on an intense experience. It is an innovative and unique concept in Europe, through which “participants” are in a cyberattack and have to react to it. Human dimension is the cornerstone of a cybersecurity system.

Visit www.room42.lu

Training’s benefits

  • Train by doing (Experience-based)
  • Develop reflex action
  • Grow individual and collective competence in cybersecurity crisis management

Meet the trainer

Computer Competence Center Luxembourg (C3). More about C3 here


For more detailed information, contact info@c3.lu

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