D4 Project in numbers

What has been happening in the D4 project for the past 3 years and a half?

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C3 Luxembourg joins the National Cybersecurity Coordination Centres and Agencies Stakeholders Group in the CONCORDIA project

CONCORDIA is one of the four Cybersecurity pilot projects initiated and funded by the EU Commission in 2019, whose key objective is to inclusively and comprehensively engage diverse competencies and stakeholders to result in a high-impact EU-wide Cybersecurity ecosystem.

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Lëtz Talk About Cyber with Ben Fetler

In this new episode of Lëtz Talk About Cyber, Ben Fetler explains how cyber defence is a part of cybersecurity, and how they both interact with each other.

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Cybersecurity Breakfast #47 was a SPARTA special edition. Dr Mart Noorma, Science and Development Director at Milrem Robotics, Professor of Space and Defense Technology at University of Tartu (Estonia), gave a keynote on “Lessons learned from a highly innovative company, working for years with both academy and industry researchers to build unmanned ground systems”.

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E-Mission Baden-Württemberg – Luxemburg

CYBERSECURITY Luxembourg core team member and SECURITYMADEIN.LU security expert, Steve Clement, introduced the ecosystem project to the audience of the E-Mission Baden-Württemberg - Luxembourg: Start of successful cooperation among neighbors organized by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

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