Leak of Facebook Data from 533 Million Users

On Saturday 3rd 2021, a leak of Facebook records (533 million users) became publicly accessible on a leak-market forum.

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Luxembourg’s Cyber4Dev and its partners launch the Africa Cybersecurity Resource Centre for Financial Inclusion

The Cyber4Dev consortium is proud to launch the Africa Cybersecurity Resource Centre (ACRC) for Financial Inclusion, with the aim to strengthen the cyber resilience of the financial system in Africa, secure the fast development of Digital Financial Systems, and ultimately increase Financial Inclusion on the continent, a key for economic and human development.

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Exploitation of vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange

Several critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in the unpatched Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 servers (Exchange Online servers are not affected).

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Securing connected devices: public awareness campaign

The most effective shield to protect oneself from possible cyberattacks is nothing but the adoption of the right behavior.

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Call for Trustworthy Instant Messaging

Because respecting the confidentiality of one’s personal data is a right, SECURITYMADEIN LU has decided to sign the call for the development of a communication solution based on the guarantees stated hereafter.

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Interview with Dr.-Ing. Christian Zenger, Co-founder and CEO of PHYSEC

PHYSEC provides cyber and cyber-physical threat detection and prevention as well as cloud-based monitoring, management and response platform for IoT devices.

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