Pandora is an analysis framework for finding out if a file is suspicious and displaying the results in a convenient way that you can share with other parties via the creation of a shareable link.

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Common vulnerabilities & exposures platform

cve-search is a free software to import CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) and CPE (Common Platform Enumeration) in a local database for indexing, searching and processing locally vulnerability information.

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AIL framework is a modular framework to analyse potential information leak from unstructured data source like pastes from Pastebin or similar services.

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BGP ranking

The system is gathering external datasources (e.g. dshield, shadowserver, Arbor ATLAS) in order to evaluate the ranking over time.

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CASES Diagnostic

CASES helps you reduce your exposure to IT risks. WHY? Your organisation deals with sensitive data every day.

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Dynamic Malware Analysis Platform

Dynamic Malware Analysis Platform (DMA) is a platform operated by CIRCL, which allows the analysis of potential malicious software or suspicious documents in a secure and virtualized environment.

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