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SECURITYMADEIN.LU has been designated to act as National Coordination Centre (NCC) for Luxembourg within the Network of National Coordination Centres, established by EU regulation 2021/887, creating a European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC) that will be located in Bucharest.

The National Coordination Centre Luxembourg (NCC-LU) serves as the single information point for the ECCC, for the European Network of National Coordination Centres (NCC’s) and for the national stakeholders in Luxembourg.

The ECCC, together with its NCC network, have been created by the Commission in 2021 in order to increase Europe’s cybersecurity capacities and competitiveness and to build a strong Cybersecurity Community. The main aim of this new initiative is to create coordination from top level to the bottom of the chain in the European cybersecurity environment. The ECCC and the Network are furthermore intended to pool investment in cybersecurity research, technology and industrial development and to better coordinate planning by the EU’s Horizon Europe and Digital Europe funding programmes.

The NCC-LU is thus designed to foster a European and Luxemburgish Cybersecurity Ecosystem, but as well to ensure coordination within the NCC network, with one Centre per member state. The focus of activities is on open, agile and adaptive cooperation between different stakeholders, so as to promote synergies and mutual understanding. Key attributes of the NCC-LU include connecting different capabilities and stakeholders in order to prevent fragmentation. Networking shall help to build a safe, resilient and trustworthy ecosystem.

NCC-LU Mission

Coordination of European Funding

Coordinating investments from mainly but not exclusively European funding Programmes Digital Europe and Horizon Europe

Education & Awareness

Ensuring and coordinating educational and dissemination activities

Research & Innovation

Promoting and intensifying dialogue in the research and innovation fields

Animation of the Community

Acting as central point for the national and European cybersecurity community

Liaison with the ECCC and the network of NCCs

Ensuring coordination with the ECCC and within the Network

Beneficiaries of the NCC-LU

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NCC-LU (National Cybersecurity Coordination Centre Luxembourg)
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